About the blog and me…

The details of how I plan to start the next chapter of my life.


This is my blog and this is my life.

 I am a sixteen year old boy that lives in England and so far have spent my life rolling through the days without a care for my grades whilst ironically worrying for my future, you see I’m a huge procrastinatior when it comes to school work so I ended up doing 0 revision for my exams, albeit all this I did okay in my GCSE’s (General Certificate of Secondary Education) I got 6 B’s 2 C’s a D and an E but I was capable of getting straight A’s.

After I got my results I was planning on starting a diploma in horticulture but then realised I would be effectively cutting my employability into pieces if I ever wanted to do something not horticulture related. So on the day I was supposed to start the course I moved to sixth form at my secondary school instead. I chose Psychology, Photography and Geography as the A levels I’d study and I started with the best intentions. I was going to do lots of extra work and only hand in top quality homework to my teachers but then I caught myself in the same mindset I’ve been in the rest of my life. “It doesn’t matter if i hand this in unfinished it’s not like it means anything ” I was procrastinating again.

In my latest progress check I got 2 C’s and a D and it was at that point I’d realised I was failing in my pursuit of A’s. To compensate for my lack of productivity and motivation to study I kept ordering things that I “needed” to do the work that I “couldn’t do anything” until they arrived. This lasted for a few weeks and now I’ve reached this point in my life, I guess you could say I’ve had an apiphany.

Starting today I’m going to turn my life around (or at least attempt to haha.) As I have mock exams coming up this week it is the perfect opportunity to knuckle down and get some work done and show my teachers I meant it. I’m starting yoga this week, going to go on a two week vegan detox, (maybe indefinitely if it goes well) start saving money and post regularly on this blog. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it stick this time around. As Ghandi once said; 

  Your beliefs become your thoughts,    Your thoughts become your words,      Your words become your actions,        Your actions become your habits,      Your habits become your values,        Your values become your destiny.

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