The start of my journey..

So I’ve made some plans to begin this new chapter in my life. I’ve recruited my cousin to do this vegan detox for two weeks with me and one of my friends is going to start yoga with me. We haven’t decided between going once or twice a week yet but we’re definitely going.

 Also I’ve found out that I have a psychology exam on Tuesday so I’m a bit uncertain if I have enough time to revise for a sufficient amount of time for me to do well but I believe that half of the work is in wanting to do it and being motivated so hopefully it will be okay. 

I’m quite excited to start this detox too I’m sure I’ll feel a lot healthier and more energised for it, not much can go wrong with only eating things that are good for you is there? I’ve decided I want to go for a healthier existence on the whole, not to sound to new age but I want to cut all the negative energies from my life, I figure it’s rather pointless surrounding myself with individuals who don’t bring me happiness and also that there’s no point in harbouring ill will to anyone. What if they don’t like me? Fine I can deal with that. What if I don’t like them? I can deal with that too, there’s nothing forcing me to talk to them.

Also I’ve decided on a time scale for my blogging I want to try and post once a day.I was having a think about how to get followers when I realised I’m not all that bothered about it. I’ve decided I’m going to keep this a private thing from my friends and family so it will allow me to be more honest and open with myself and readers if I ever get any.

Sorry to repeat myself but I must admit I’m very excited, I can see a possibility of me becoming a better person for this, I can’t wait for the effects of these new things I’m taking on. I’ll feel much better in the body because of the yoga and diet and much better in the mind because of the newfound motivation to succeed and the new outlook I’ve found on life.


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