Day 3

Today I’ve started getting used to being on a plant based diet and so far I’m LOVING the food! Today I had an apple on the way to school then when I got there is finished off a tub of chilli houmous with these amazing rivita ripoffs;

Then at break I had an orange and for lunch I had some mixed seeds and an apple. I’ve just got home and made another batch of soup, this time it was celery, peas, cabbage and some broccoli. 

It turned out such a wonderful shade of green, I’m having it for lunch tomorrow and for dinner I had a brown rice and bolognese without the meat.

I’ve been considering doing a whole food plant based diet rather than just a plant based diet (that’s where you scrap highly refined foods such as white flour, white sugar and oil aswell as everything else) because the whole reason for this is to be healthier and on a vegan diet I can still eat white bread, walkers crisps (some flavours) and other sweet things that are unhealthy. This way it will force me not to eat those things although it seems like it will be quite a lot harder than normal veganism due to the fact that so much is cooked in oil. You don’t realise how much of the food you eat is unhealthy until you can’t eat it its unbelievable!

I got back in the garden for the first time in a while today, I’ve dug over a small vegetable bed and half of the large one that runs along the boundary of the house. I’m going to fill that bed to the brim with potatoes this year it should be amazing. I’m expecting some fruit off my plum trees this year which I’m quite excited for and I’ve decided to grow courgettes, pumpkins, onions and cabbage too.

I have another fifteen pages of the psychology text book to make notes on tonight for my exam on Thursday and I haven’t even picked up the geography ones for the exam on Friday which is a bit of a frightening thought but hopefully it will go okay as I’ve allocated some time for it tomorrow.


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