Day 4

Another day


Another day vegan, another day motivated, and another day happy.

Today’s been a good day, I only had one lesson so had four free periods of which I revised in three.

 I had an appointment with my careers adviser first period because I think it’d be handy to know what options I have; I either want to do something academic but outdoors like a research project on plants or animals etc, I find the whole rewilding idea really interesting  (it’s bringing back species native to England that have gone extinct here but not in other parts like beavers for example) or conservation or glaciology I’m not sure. Also I’m quite interested in midwifery although as a male I’m not sure how that would work there’s some ridiculous statistic that’s like for every 100 male midwives there’s 10000 female, I’m not sure if it would be a advantage in terms of applying for jobs/university because of gender equality or a disadvantage.

So I came out of that meeting with plans to get some work experience in a local nursing home or hospital and also in Occombe farm which is a farm solely based on conservation of wildlife. This is to find out which I enjoy more to give me a better idea about what I should do later in life. 

When I finished my violin lesson today (my teacher is  Jules from the band paddy’s whiskers) I came out to my mum having a little session with jules’ husband (also in the band) and their son playing some irish tunes which was quite heartwarming to see.  Also I found out that their family are all vegan and managed to persuade my mum to try it for two weeks! 

The exam tomorrow I’d quite daunting as I can’t actively remember anything I revised but I’m hoping it’s just stuck in my preconscioys waiting to be called forth from the questions on the paper. 

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela 

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