Day 6

Today’s been a great day! I revised all morning from 9 till 11 in preparation for my geography mock exam at 11.15 and I think I did pretty well, I don’t think I wrote enough for the essay question but everything else went great. I’ve been snacking all day on rivita, houmous, and seeds and I have a Thai green curry for dinner tonight before I go out to the party.

I’m about to have some strawberry jam on toast which should be nice. I’m very excited for this weekend because in my eyes it marks the start of spring, all the daffodils are out, the trees are beginning to have leaves again it’s great. I’m going to get really stuck in and get a lot of vegetables and some perennials in too.

I’m running out of things to talk about on my blog haha so if you could comment some ideas maybe haha, I need to find some inspiration for what to talk about:)


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